Alfred McGee Cemetery

Located on County Rd. 246 near Clintonville.

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Alfred McGee (Feb 14, 1816-Oct 30, 1901) Son of John Cornelius McGee and Nancy Hood
Rebecca Ansley Huff McGee
(Jun 5, 1820-Dec 24, 1862)
Daughter of John Huff and Mary; 1st wife of Alfred McGee
Martha Washington Huff McGee
(Feb 29, 1832-Oct 17, 1912)
Daughter of John Huff and Mary,
2nd wife of Alfred McGee
William A. McGee (1859-1876) Son of Alfred and Rebecca McGee
Nancy Elenora Jehaza McGee
(Sep 22, 1849-Feb 7, 1924)
Daughter of Alfred and Rebecca McGee
Martha Melissa McGee Harper
(Jun 21, 1840-Jul 15, 1887)
Daughter of Alfred and Rebecca McGee,
wife of Robert Harper
Robert Harper (Aug 7, 1844-May 6, 1916) Husband of Martha Melissa McGee; son of John W. Harper and Martha Ann Applewhite
Aaron Thomas Harper 
(May 11, 1881-Mar 21, 1965)
Son of George Thomas Harper and 
Mary Frances E. Barnes
Mary Ilah Jernigan Harper 
(Dec 8, 1889-Jan 4, 1986)
Wife of Aaron Thomas Harper
Carlus Thomas Harper 
(Jul 13, 1907-Dec 30, 1999) and 
Laurie D. Harper (Nov 12, 1912-Feb 15, 2002)
Son of Aaron Thomas and Mary Ilah Harper
Harper Infants (b & d Feb 26, 1913; Sep 28, 1920-Oct 30, 1920) Infant sons of Aaron and Ilah Harper
Mary W. Rhett McGee Stokes
(Nov 27, 1864-Jul 6, 1911)
Daughter of Alfred and Martha McGee,
wife of Samuel Thomas Stokes
Isiah Alfred Stokes (Dec 20, 1889-Jan 26, 1898) Son of Samuel T. and Mary W. Stokes
Amie Lundie Stokes (May 7, 1893-Aug 24, 1894) Daughter of Samuel T. and Mary W. Stokes
Mattie Mae Stokes Marsh 
(Mar 26, 1888-Apr 29, 1904)
Daughter of Samuel T. and Mary W. Stokes; 
wife of S. N. Marsh
Tommie Jeanette Stokes Cotton
(Jan 17, 1895-Oct 3, 1916)
Daughter of Samuel T. and Mary W. Stokes; 
wife of Ben B. Cotton
Thesdonia Caledonia Russ McGee
(Oct 3, 1860-Dec 23, 1893)
Wife of Daniel H. McGee
(son of Alfred and Rebecca McGee)
Ada A. McGee (Nov 11, 1881-May 15, 1882) Daughter of Daniel H. and Thesdonia McGee
Lera Ethel McGee (Apr 29, 1886-Feb 7, 1896) Daughter of Daniel H. and Thesdonia McGee
William Milton McGee (no marker found) Son of John Cornelius McGee and Nancy Hood, brother of Alfred McGee; husband of Elizabeth Fleming
Henrietta Dismukes Fleming (original marker)
(Jun 1, 1815-Dec 3, 1886)
(new marker)
Daughter of Edmond Dismukes and Bethany Hannah Cox, sister-in-law of William Milton McGee; wife of William Walker Fleming
Victor V. Fleming (Nov 28, 1870-May 19, 1892) Son of Edmond Dismukes Fleming (son of Walker and Henrietta Fleming) and Lucy Ann Flowers
Hardie D. Fleming (Mar 25, 1865-Jan 14, 1880) Son of Thomas Jefferson Fleming (son of Walker Fleming) and Julia Ann Salamon
Thomas Jefferson Dismukes (original marker)
(Mar 4, 1811-Mar 17, 1889)
"He was a consistant member of the Baptist Church"
(new marker)
Son of Edmond Dismukes and Bethany Hannah Cox; brother of Henrietta Dismukes Fleming
Armor Infant (d Mar 13, 1879, Aged 2 months) Infant son of Millard Filmore Armor and Susan Virginia Fleming Armor
Little Lura McGee (Sep 21, 1879-Apr 24, 1880) Daughter of John Alfred McGee (son of Alfred and Rebecca) and Mary J. Wilson
Infant McGee (Mar 19, 1890) Child of J. W. & L. F. McGee (possibly John W. and Lurah Driskell McGee)
Joseph Byrd (Jan 18, 1887-Jul 15, 1888) Son of I. A. Byrd (1851-1918) and S. E. Byrd.
I. A. Byrd is buried at Cavalry Baptist, S. E. may be Susan E. Harper, daughter of Aaron R. Harper and Margaret Ann Weeks, and sister of George Thomas Harper. She married Allen Byrd, who may be I. A. Byrd.
William D. Byrd (Dec 5, 1877-Jan 3, 1888) Son of I. A. and S. E. Byrd
John L. Wilson (Jan 12, 1808-Apr 29, 1889) John L. and Nancy Wilson are on the 1860 Coffee County (Clintonville) Census not far from John Alfred McGee and Mary J. Wilson; they may be Mary J.'s parents.
Nancy Wilson (d Nov 15, 1866, 
aged about 50 years)
Wife of John L. Wilson
William Preston Wilson (1857-1925) and Martha Caroline Wilson (1859-1939) Probably the son of John L. and Nancy Wilson; appears on 1860 Coffee County Census as William, age 4.


B. M. (Bartimeus) Weeks  Original Marker
(May 9, 1808-Aug 1, 1882)
Son of Benjamin and Jemimah Harrison Weeks
Nancy Bryant Weeks Wife of Bartimeus Weeks
John McNeal Golson (May 30, 1886-Sep 9, 1931)  
Willard C. Golson (Aug 25, 1916-Jul 12, 1917) Son of McNeal and Willie Golson
Mace J. Russell (Oct 25, 1882-Sep 26, 1952)  
Florence Bertie Russell
(Sep 30, 1889-Dec 14, 1960)
Walter Russell (Nov 1, 1906-Jun 11, 1935)  
Jesse A. Wilkes (Jul 6, 1895-Oct 18, 1943) and Rossie A. Wilkes (Jun 10, 1898-Dec 4, 1978)  
Clattye B. Flowers (Sep 7, 1911-Sep 17, 2001)  
Jimmy Roberts (Mar 5, 1940)  
David Lassiter, Jr. (Apr 8, 1924-Oct 27, 1987)  
Otto Skirde (May 21, 1920-Jun 20-1986) and
Kay A. Skirde (Nov 11, 1924-Nov. 21, 1990)
Loudell Peacock Stroud (Oct 20, 1919-Apr 1940) and Baby Stroud (no dates) Daughter of Alfred and Belle Sullavant Peacock
Ida Belle Wise (Jan 21, 1883-Sep 16, 1885) Daughter of R. E. and H. V. Wise
E. C. (Eddie C.) and M. L. (Martin L.) Smith
(Apr 23, 1895-Jun 5, 1918; Jun 5, 1882-Jul 26, 1918) Joint marker
Sons of John and Mary Smith
William Harris
Frank Harris
Rebecca Harris
Obie Harris
Lundie McGee Harris Daughter of Alfred and Martha McGee
(son) Harris
Julia Harris

Georgia V. Fleming, Enterprise, Alabama
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