Burial Records for the Goodman Family

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1 Aaron Goodman, b 1 January 1800 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, d 5 February 1860 in Goodman Crossroads,
   Harris County, Georgia
   m Elizabeth Smith, b 7 June 1804 prob in North Carolina, d 8 November 1862 in Harris County, Georgia,
       daughter of Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Huey; married 24 March 1822 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
       1850 Harris County, Georgia, Census: Aaron Goodman 56, Elizabeth 48, James L. 26, Samuel 19, 
      Julia A. 16, Hiram 14, Aaron 13, Albert 10, Sarah 7, Mary 7, Texas 5; Haywood Barrow 38 (clerk)

    Resided at Sundown Plantation
   1840 Harris County Census: 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 2 males 20-30, 1 female 5-10, 1 female
   10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 30-40
    1850 Slave Schedule: 39 slaves
   2  James Leonadus Goodman, b 30 November 1823 in Pike County, Georgia; d December 1864
       m (1) Susanah A. Miles on 24 April 1851 in Harris County, Georgia
       m (2) Lydia D. Dewberry 22 September 1855
   2  John Smith Goodman, b 30 October 1825 in Georgia, d 12 January 1885 in Harris County
       m (1) Sarah A. Fitzpatrick on 24 December 1846 (b 1829, d 1872)
       m (2) Sarah J. Davis (b 1836, d 1906)
       1880 Harris County, Georgia, Census: John S. Goodman 54, Sarah J. 41, Ann Goodman 56 
       (other relation)

       3  A. J. Goodman, b 22 January 1860, d 22 August 1887
   2  Laura Elizabeth Goodman, b 22 September 1827 in Georgia, d 8 January 1878 in Sulphur Springs, 
       Cass County, Texas, m James Lundy on 29 June 1846
1860 Cass County, Texas, Census: Jas. Lundy 38 (teacher), L. 32, Jas. S. 13, S. E. 11, C. B. 9,
       A. G. 6, R. I. 3, F. A. 1
       1860 Davis County, Texas, Census: James Lundy 49, Laura 42, James 23, Susan E. 21, Cornelia 19,
       Aaron G. 16, Reginer 13, Frances A. 11, Sarah R. 9, Laura 2.
       3  James Lundy, b abt 1837
       3  Susan E. Lundy, b abt 1839
       3  Cornelia Lundy, b abt 1841
       3  Aaron G. Lundy, b abt 1844
       3  Regina Lundy, b abt 1847
       3  Frances A. Lundy, b abt 1849
       3  Sarah R. Lundy, b abt 1851
       3  Laura Lundy, b abt 1858
   2  Cornelia Ester H. Goodman, b 19 October 1829 in Georgia, 
       m Albert Davidson on 22 May 1847
       1860 Harris County, Georgia, Census: Albert Davidson, Camille, C. F., Lavinia, G. E., N. P., Julia
       1870 Harris County, Georgia, Census: Albert Davidson 59, Cornelia 38, Columbus 21, Laura 19,
       Elizabeth 17, Petrona 15, Julia 13, Albert 9
       3  Columbus F. Davidson, b abt 1848
       3  Lavinia (or Laura) Davidson, b abt 1850
       3  G. Elizabeth Davidson, b abt 1852
       3  N. Petrona  Davidson, b abt 1854
       3  Julia Davidson, b abt 1856
       3  Albert Davidson, b abt 1861
   2  Samuel Columbus Goodman, b 26 September 1831 in Meriwether County, Georgia,
       d 4 November 1902 in Harris County, Georgia
       m (1) Susan Clementine Bowles on 24 December 1855 (Susan b 1836, d 1880)
       m (2) Elizabeth Evans
       1880 Harris County, Georgia, Census: Samuel Goodman 48 (farmer), Susan 43, Samuel (clerking
       in store), Aaron 19, Ida L. M. 16, Mary E. 14, Ada 12, Laura O. 9, Lula 3, Hannah Smith (black,
       b Virginia, widow, Cook), George Goodman 23 (black, farm laborer), Tamer Horrell (black, farm
       laborer, female).

       3  Samuel A. Goodman, b abt 1859
       3  Aaron Justin Goodman, b abt 1861
       3  Ida L. M. Goodman, b abt 1864
       3  Mary E. Goodman, b abt 1866
       3  Ada Goodman, b abt 1868
       3  Laura O. Goodman, b abt 1871
       3  Lula Goodman, b abt 1877
   2  Julia Ann Goodman, b 14 May 1833 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d abt 1866 in Lowndes County, Alabama; m Dr. John D. Stearnes on 24 May 1853 in Harris County;
       he was b in New Hampshire abt 1828, d 30 October 1882 in Geneva County, Alabama
       3  Mary Cornelia Stearnes, b 23 November 1856
       3  Julia Stearnes, b 1861
       3  John Alexander Steanes, b 25 Mary 1864
       3  Bud Stearnes
   2  Hiram Americus Goodman, b 5 January 1836 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d 26 March 1890 in Harris County, Georgia
       m (1) Mary Wilkinson on 4 November 1852
       m (2) Elizabeth Bennett Bowles on 10 November 1857 (b 22 May 1839, d 24 October 1898; 
       daughter of Thomas Bowles and Ascenith Bennett Cochran)
       1860 Harris County, Georgia, Census: H. A. Goodman 24, Elizabeth 70 [mother], Elizabeth 21,
       James 33, A. G. 20, M. F. 17, S. J. 17, Texa P. 14. 
       1880 Harris County, Georgia, Census: Hiram 44, Elizabeth B. 41, Albert G. 18, Allis E. 16,
       Edgar 14, Edwin 14, Samuel 13, M--betty 6, Rubin 3, Henry Ward 22 (Section Boss Railroad),
       Ella Ward 17. 
       3  Albert G. Goodman, b abt 1862
       3  Alice Eulalia Goodman (b 4 August 1863, d 7 October 1907; m William Lewis Jenkins)
           4  Nancy Elizabeth Jenkins, b 25 October 1887, d 7 April 1945
           4  Hiram Lewis Jenkins, b 5 April 1890, d 17 March 1960
           4  George Stevens Jenkins, b 6 October 1892, d 20 August 1981
           4  Susie Jenkins, m // Robinson 4 August 1898 - 20 August 1981
       3  Edgar Goodman, b abt 1866
       3  Edwin Goodman, b abt 1866
       3  Samuel Goodman, b abt 1867
       3  Mary Susan Elizabeth "Sue Betty" Goodman, b abt 1874
       3  Rubin Goodman, b abt 1877
   2  Aaron Judson Goodman, b 27 November 1827 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d 17 October 1858
   2  Albert G. Goodman
, b 7 May 1840 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d 1 November 1861
   2  Mary Frances Goodman
, b 19 August 1842 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d in Kildare, Cass County, Texas; m John Jackson Evans on 12 May 1866 in Harris County
   2  Sarah Jane Goodman
, b 19 August 1842 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d 27 December 1910; m J. H. Whitehead (twin of Mary Frances)
       3  J. H. Whitehead, Jr., b 23 April 1862
       3  Minnie Lee Whitehead, b 22 March 1866, d 17 January 1907
       3  Clarence Goodman (Whitehead?) b & d 1866 (bur next to Sarah, marker reads Clarence Goodman)
   2  Texas A. Petronia Goodman
, b 28 May 1845 in Goodman Dist., Harris County, Georgia,
       d in Cass County, Texas

Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Smith Goodman

STATE OF GEORGIA, HARRIS COUNTY...In the name of God, Amen, I, Elizabeth GOODMAN, of said state and county, being of advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart this life deed it right and proper both as respect my family and myself that I shall make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me do therefore make this, my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me.

ITEM  I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian-like manner suitable to my circumstances and condition in life-my soul I trust shall return to rest with God who gave it.

ITEM  I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my executors herein after application, as I am unwilling my debtors should be delayed in their rights as there is no necessity for such delay.

ITEM  I give and bequeath and devise to my four younger children, namely Albert G., Mary F., Sarah J. and Texas A. P. Goodman each a bedsted, bed and furniture.

ITEM  I give, bequeath and devise until my children namely James L., John S., Laura E., Esther H., Samuel C., Julia A., Hiram A., Albert G., Mary F., Sarah J. and Texas A. P. all the property and effects that I am in posession of or may have or in any wise own at the time of my death to be equally divided between them.

ITEM  If any of my aforesaid children die without legal heirs their portion of my said estate shall be equally divided among the other living children.

ITEM  I hereby constitute and approve my sons, John S. and Samuel C. Goodman executors of this my last will and testament.

This April 29th, 1861   /signed/ Elizabeth Goodman

Signed, sealed, delivered and published by Elizabeth Goodman as her last will and testament in the presence of us, the subscribers who subscribe our names hereto in the presence of said Testator at her special instance and request and of each other.  April 29th, 1861   /signed/ J.  H. Huey, James M. Culpepper, Joel Culpepper, Mark S. McGee  J.P.

State of Georgia, Harris County, Court of Ordinary, December_____1862. Personally appeared in open court John S. Goodman, Samuel C. Goodman, constituted and appointed in a proper writing proported to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth Goodman deceased late of said county, as executors of said deceased and produced said proper writing and also personally came James Culpepper and James H. Huey, two of the subscribing witnesses to said paper writing, who being duly sworn, depose and say that _____Testatrix Elizabeth Goodman, authorizes one of the_____to wit,  James H. Huey to sign, seal, publish and declare_____proper writing now (end of page is missing.  Page 2 continued...) testament freely, voluntarily of her own accord without any_____or undue influence whatsoever, that  the time of the execution of said will, said testatrix was of sound, disposing mind and memory, that deponents signed said will as executors in the presence of the Testarix and at her request - in the presence of each other, and that they saw James M. Culpepper and Mark S. McGee its other witnesses sign said will in the presence of the Testatrix and at her request.
Signed and subscribed before me in open court this December 1st, 1862.  Geo. Mullins, Notary.
Signed James H. Huey and Joel Culpepper.