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born:  30 January 1785 in North Carolina
died:  1867 in Goodmans Crossroads, Harris County, Georgia
Robert A. Fleming is buried near his farm, 8 miles from Hamilton, Georgia, on land which is now part of Calloway Gardens.
Occupation: Farmer
Religious affiliation: Baptist; listed as a member of Bethany Baptist Church, near Pine Mountain, Harris County, 
Georgia. In 1838 he served as a clerk to the Columbus Annual Associational meeting. The history of Rehoboth Baptist Church, near Cataula, Georgia,  states that the following formed a presbytery in 1839: James Perryman, Wm. Henderson, G. B. Waldrop, Cary Willis, Anderson Smith, and Robert Fleming.

Appears on the 1806 Tax List of Columbia County, Georgia, paying a poll tax. 
Purchased 559 acres of land on Big Sweetwater, Columbia County, from John Fleming, witnessed by Alexander Campbell and James Fleming, dated 12 August 1807. This land is shown in Columbia County, then in Warren County, then back in Columbia County. 
1820 Warren Co., Georgia, Census (Capt. Jesse Joy's Dist.) lists Robert A. Fleming with wife and 5 male children and two slaves (one male 26-45 years of age and one female 14-26); also one male 45 or over in the household, which might have been his father.  Warren County was established on December 19, 1793 by an act of the Georgia General Assembly, and was created from parts of Columbia, Washington, and Wilkes counties. In 1831 Robert sold land on Sweetwater Creek in Columbia County, which land had once been owned by Isaac Watson and may have been given to Mary Watson Fleming. 
1830 Columbia Co., Georgia, Census (Dist. 9) lists Robert A. Fleming with one male 40-50, two males 15-20, two males 10-15, three males 5-10, one female 40-50, one female 15-20, and two females 0-5. One of the 0-5 females would be daughter Elizabeth. I don't know who the 10-15 female and the other 0-5 female are (possibly orphans he was named guardian for). No daughters are listed with Robert in the 1820 Census, and no females over 15 are listed with him in the 1840 Census. 
Robert moved to Harris County, Georgia by 1833. He  won a section of land in the Huey District in the Gold Lottery (Dist. 16, Section 2, Lot 1111); his son John Alexander won in the regular lottery Dist. 16, Section 2, Lot 1142. Robert purchased 202 acres of land from Benjamin Garrott in 1833 (Lot 254). The area was then known as Goodmans Crossroads. The community later became Chipley. The town was renamed in 1958 to Pine Mountain, Georgia. The land they purchased is now part of Callaway Gardens property, and was located near the Callaway Airport. John and Jesse also purchased land in Huey District. 
1840 Harris Co., Georgia, Census (Huey's Dist.) lists Robert Fleming with wife (Mary Watson) and 7 children still at home and 2 slaves, Huey's Dist. #2. Also in Huey's Dist. are his sons William Walker (wife and 2 children), James (wife, 3 children and one slave), Jesse (wife and 2 children, and John A. (wife and 4 children). They lived in close proximity to each other. The Census list in order is as follows: W. W. (William Walker) Fleming, J. Cornet, R. (Robert) Fleming, James Fleming, N. Lyons, Jesse Fleming. [Related families in Huey's Dist. 1 & 2: W. Huff, John McGee, Alfred McGee (who married Rebecca Huff), J. T. McGee, J. Cornet] 
In 1840 Robert and Jesse sold 133 acres in Lot 254 to Mercer Baff. In 1841 Robert sold 393 acres in Lots 253, 254 and 227 to Aaron Goodman. 
1850 Harris Co., Georgia, Census (Goodman's Dist.) lists in the household of Robert Fleming (age 65) and
his second wife Ascenith (age 50): Susan B. Boswell (age 18, error for Susan B. Bowles, daughter of Ascenith by her second husband Thomas Bowles), and Elizabeth Boswell (age 11, error for Elizabeth Bennett Bowles, daughter of Ascenith and Thomas Bowles). Next door is Robert's daughter Emily and son-in-law William Durham, with child Mary E. Next to her is John A. Fleming's family. On the other side of Robert is Mary Watson's cousin James Watson 65, and wife Priscilla 55. 
1850 Harris Co., Georgia Slave Schedule lists Robert A. Fleming with one 50 yr old female, one 27 yr old female, one 21 yr old male, one 19 yr old male, one 11 yr old male, one 10 yr old female, three 15 yr old males, one 17 yr old female (10 slaves). Also listed are: John A. Fleming with one 40 yr old male, one 40 yr old female, one 30 yr old female, one 10 yr old female, one 7 yr old female, one 4 yr old male, one 2 yr old male, one 2 month old male (8 slaves); Jesse Fleming with one 24 yr old female. 
1860 Harris Co., Georgia, Census (Dist. 703, Goodman's Crossroads) lists in the household of Robert Fleming (age 75) and Ascenith (age 60):  Rebecca Mansfield, Parmenus Boles (22) and Amanda Boles (20). Parmenus was Ascenith's grandson and nephew,  the son of Littleberry Bowles (brother of Thomas Bowles, Ascenith's first husband) and Ascenith Cochran, Ascenith's daughter by her first husband Parmenus Cochran). Amanda is probably Parmenus's wife, as he did not have a sister named Amanda.  There is an A. M. Bowles listed as the widow of P. Powles, Co B, 60th Georgia Inf. Regt., in a list of Harris County Widows of Civil War Soldiers. Rebecca Mansfield may have been the senior Ascenith's sister. 
1860 Harris Co., Georgia Slave Schedule lists R. Fleming with one 57 yr old female, one 23 yr old male, one 20 yr old female, and one 2 yr old female. 
An article in the Memorial Records of Alabama, Vol. II, 1976, about William Leroy Fleming said: "He (John A. Fleming, William's father) was one of a large family born to Robert Fleming, a native of North Carolina who removed to Columbia County, Ga., at an early day, and died in Harris County, Ga. in 1867. He was of Scotch descent, an active industrious man. It is probable that his parents were both Scotch, and that his mother was born in the old country."

     Harris County Militia Districts

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Spouse:  Mary (Polly) Watson
married:  22 December 1808 in Warren County, Georgia|
Warren County Marriage Records


1.  John Alexander Fleming (m. Nancy Watson,  Margaret E. Huff)
2.  James Fleming (m. Mary B. Huff)
3.  Jesse Fleming (m. Grace A. Moore;  Millicent Cornet)
4.  William Walker Fleming
5.  Augustus Fleming (m. Mary Marshall;  Emily Thompson)                               
6.  Francis Marion Fleming (m. Mary F. Dismukes, Hannah Jane Garrett)
7.  Isaac Fleming (m. Margaret E. Huff)
8.  Elizabeth Fleming (m.William Milton McGee, William L. Watson)
9.  Emily Fleming (m. William Durham)
10.  George Fleming (m. Martha Ann Watson)   
11.  Mary Fleming (m. Jacob Kelly, John W. Hurst, Sr.)

Spouse:  Ascenith Bennett 
married: 11 January 1847 in Harris County, Georgia