People will not look forward to posterity
who never look
backward to their

Edmund Burke

When a land rejects her legends, Sees but falsehoods in the past; 
And its people view their Sires in the light of fools and liars,
'Tis a sign of its decline and its glories cannot last.
Branches that but blight their roots yield no sap for lasting fruits.

Descendants of Robert Alexander Fleming [b 1785 North Carolina]
Descendants of Thomas Watson [b 1720 North Carolina]
Descendants of Edmond Dismukes
[b 1757 Virginia]
Descendants of Jacob Flowers
[b 1776 North Carolina]
Descendants of John R. Coats [b 1756 North Carolina]
Descendants of Levi Heath
[b 1782 North Carolina]
Descendants of Alston Clark
[b 1730 South Carolina]
Descendants of Griffin Crumpler
[b 1715 North Carolina]
Descendants of William Jackson Smith
[b 1780 South Carolina]
Descendants of Evans Wesley
[b 1797 Georgia]
Descendants of James Gibson
[b 1687 Dumfries, Scotland]
Descendants of William Knight
[b 1795 Virginia]
Descendants of William Wesley Williams
[b 1810 Georgia]
Descendants of James P. Motley [b 1787 Virginia]
Descendants of Samuel Stephens [b abt 1805 North Carolina]

Collateral Lines

   Descendants of John Cornelius McGee [b 1789 in South Carolina]
Descendants of Aaron Goodman [b 1800 in North Carolina]
Descendants of Joseph Cornett [b 1802 in South Carolina]
Descendants of Richard William Armor [b 1811 in Georgia]
Descendants of William Baggett [d bef 1850 in Alabama]

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(Fleming, Heath, Crumpler and Associated Families)
Harris Co., Georgia; Coffee-Dale-Henry Co., Alabama

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Georgia Virginia Fleming
Coffee County, Alabama
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Dedicated to those who taught us to cherish the Family:
"Big Daddy" .... Doctor Franklin Gibson (1869-1962)
"Mother Pearl" .... Lillian Pearl Gibson Smith (1898-1968)
Mama & Daddy .... Virginia Hugh Smith Fleming (1918-1980)
& Herman Heath Fleming (1915-1989)
Aunt Billie ... Mildred Aleene Smith Clements